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2023-02-22 18:52:48 By : Ms. amyu yu

The beans are old enough to remember dial-up internet

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2001 is a distant memory to most of us now. The world had just completed the first year of the new millennium, Shaggy released 'It Wasn't me', Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was the Christmas blockbuster and Manchester United were champions of England.

We can all agree then that 22 years ago was a long time. So imagine the shock of a Tesco shopper to discover that the item she purchased went out of date then.

On a Facebook post, the woman claims she bought a tin of Heinz baked beans and spaghetti from a Tesco in South London and discovered when putting the items away that the tins was dated 2001.

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According to the website Does IT Go Bad, "canned baked beans come with a shelf life of 1 to 3 years, but stay safe way past the date on the label if you store them properly." They add that after the expiration date, baked beans are good for about three to six months and can even last for a couple of years past. However 22 years is a stretch for any type of food.

Other members of the Facebook group have replied to the post in shock too with one saying: "That can't be right during covid there was nothing left on the shelf"

Another used added: "I's have opened em, pretended to eat em go back with the tin and say I nearly died from food poisoning and had a claim up!!"

One came up with another novel idea for the beans saying: "I'd get antique road show [to] value them. Imagine the fire power in tin 20 year old beans"

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