1 Gallon Square Engine Oil Can Rectangular Metal Can 4 Liter Tin Can

Materialprime tinplateThickness0.2mm-0.24mm500ml size116*60*100mm(L*W*H)1L size116*60*174mm(L*W*H)1 gallon size167*105*230mm(L*W*H)4L size180*105*240mm(L*W*H)5L size180*105*290mm(L*W*H)20L sizeD 297mm B 276mm H 370mmOutisdeprinting (customized logo) printing MOQ 4500 PCSInsidemetal color or lacqueredPackingcarton, plastic bag, p

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Materialprime tinplate
500ml size116*60*100mm(L*W*H)
1L size116*60*174mm(L*W*H)
1 gallon size167*105*230mm(L*W*H)
4L size180*105*240mm(L*W*H)
5L size180*105*290mm(L*W*H)
20L sizeD 297mm B 276mm H 370mm
Outisdeprinting (customized logo) printing MOQ 4500 PCS
Insidemetal color or lacquered
Packingcarton, plastic bag, paper bag, pallet

Other tin can
1. Normal round cans: 0.2L / 0.5L/1L/2L/1gallon/4L/5L/10L
2. Normal conical bucket: 3L/8L/10L/12L/15L/18L/20L/25L
3. Normal square cans: 0.5L/1L/2.5L/3L/1gallon/5L//18L 

1 Gallon Square Engine Oil Can Rectangular Metal Cans 4 Liter Tin Cans
1 Gallon Square Engine Oil Can Rectangular Metal Cans 4 Liter Tin Cans
1 Gallon Square Engine Oil Can Rectangular Metal Cans 4 Liter Tin Cans

Other Tin Can

Other cans and bucket design we manufacture 
1. Normal round cans: 0.2L / 0.5L/1L/2L/2.5L/1gallon/4L/5L/10L
2. Normal conical bucket: 3L/5L/8L/10L/12L/15L/18L/20L/25L
3. Normal square cans: 0.5L/1L/2.5L/3L/5L/1gallon/5L//18L 

Company Description

We factory specialize in tinplate, printed tinplate, TFS sheet , Printed TFS and packages. The package with capacity from 0.1L-25L is widely usded for packing paint/ink/solvent/epoxy/coating/adhesive/powder/glue/seeds/coffee/ and other liquid and solid product .
Our factory enjoy the most complete existed shape and design for tinplate chemical packages among the Chinese suppliers. We are the tin pail and can supplier for some famous brand such as PPG, JOTUN, SIGMA, Akzo Nobel Nippon Paint and so on which proved our good quality products.
The advanced full automatic lines, the prime material ,the perfect printing service and many years experience form the first grade level quality for our packages which lead us to the few factory to pass the UN rate( fittable to pack dangerous good).
If you are interested in our products, be free to contact us, your any inquiry at any time is warmly welcomed, we will reply you at soonest time, thanks.

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