• Mushroom Pasta With Cashew Cream Recipe - Los Angeles Times

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    Fresh mushrooms, dried porcini mushrooms and miso give this pasta dish with cashew cream plenty of umami. Simple and delicious, it works as an appetizer or a main course. The ribbons of red chard add color and texture, and the chard stems add some crunch. Oh, and by the way, it is vegan. Serve sprin
  • How Sudden Stratospheric Warming Could Impact Weather, According to Experts

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    A sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) event is forecasted to hit in the coming weeks, disrupting the beginning of spring.SSWs occur once every two years when the stratosphere suddenly warms by up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit in a week.The stratospheric polar vortex—winds that flow from the Arctic,
  • Greene County food inspections find deli selling out-of-date foods

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    During Greene County food inspections this past week, a health department employee found that a Springfield deli was serving bologna and pasta salad that was five days past its use-by date, among other food items.The deli at Price Cutter No. 34, 1831 W. Kearney St., also had cheddar broccoli pasta,
  • Basant Panchami 2023 recipes: Make turmeric your star ingredient | HealthShots

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    Ready to dress up in a yellow saree or suit? After all, it’s Basant Panchami, which celebrates the arrival of spring. This year, it falls on January 26, which is also observed annually as Republic Day in India. On Basant Panchami, yellow is not only the dominant colour in clothes, but also foo
  • 6 home remedies to help you treat constipation - India Today

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    By Daphne Clarance: Our gut is made up of microorganisms that compose its microbiome. There are about 200 different species of bacteria, viruses and fungi in our digestive tract. Research has shown that having a large variety of bacteria could help reduce the risk of conditions like diabetes, inflam
  • Republic Day 2023 Easy Recipes: Make Lip-Smacking Tri-Color Dishes at Home

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    By India.com Lifestyle Staff | Edited by Kritika Vaid
  • Marine City puts on third annual Fire, Ice and Spice festival

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    Think you have the best chili in the world? Prove it and win a coveted prize this Saturday at the Fire, Ice and Spice Festival.Marine City Chamber Director Jeanne Burris-Johnson said they started the festival as a way to spread enjoyment of Michigan winters. The event features fire performers, ice s
  • Tang Dynasty tea set discovered in N.China’s Shanxi - Global Times

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    Craftsman Ramon Vidal works on a "virola" (metal cap) for a mate tea set in his workshop in ...Despite the country's history of coffee drinking, tea is also an essential part of daily life in Türkiye, ...Once a niche product reserved for border trade, Chinese dark tea is now making another long and
  • Tech Radar Gaming

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    When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Here’s how it works.Making was a pain, but the results were deliciousIf you love pancakes and like to use your air fryer then check out this air fryer pancake recipe. I had some fun with it, although my pancakes
  • One sweet campus tradition: making Michigan maple syrup – Press and Guide

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    Sign up for email newslettersSign up for email newslettersA squirrel ran across a maple tree’s large branch, stopped near the end and plopped down for a snack. Its nibble of choice? The maple tree’s leaf buds. Most people might not notice an animal grabbing a bite to eat in the tree canopy. But